Acupuncture: Acupuncture involves the placing of very thin, threadlike needles in points along the energy pathways of the body. This action unblocks stagnant energy (qi or chi, pronounced chee) and helps the body to rebalance itself. It promotes natural healing and strengthens immunity. Often patients feel an emotional release and a sense of peace. Most patients fall asleep on the treament table.

Cupping:  Suction cups are used to move the blood and energy to soothe sore muscle, release tension, and to treat common cold congestion. Cupping can leave round red or purple marks for several days.  It’s used most often on the back, so the marks are hidden.

Gua Sha:  Gua Sha basically functions like cupping, but uses a small device that is gently rubbed over the skin.  It too can leave some light redness for a short time.

Moxibustion:  The herb mugwart is burned above the skin to stimulate circulation, dispel cold, and promote healing.

Massage:  By in house masseer with 15 years of experienc

Herbs:  Herbal formulas made according to GMS standard, mostly manufactured in the U.S. are used.  Herbal formulas can be prescribed in  the form of  granule, tincture, or decox as needed by each patient.

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