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Dr. Deokhee Ahn has had a keen interest in eastern philosophy and oriental medicine throughout her entire life.  As a young child growing up in Korea, she was exposed to oriental medicine as the primary method of treatment. She witnessed her father recover from a stroke solely through acupuncture, herbs, and diet and was convinced of the sustained power of oriental medicine even alongside western technological developments.

After coming to the U.S. as a graduate student, she earned her M.A. in Information Science at  the University of Michigan and an additional M.A. in Sociology at University of California, Los Angeles. Her interest in oriental medicine was rekindled while she raised her three children and took care of her aging parents.  On many occasions, Dr. Ahn was confronted with what she saw as the limitations of western medicine, which tends to view health problems arising from isolated pathologies rather than in relationship to the body as a whole. More often than not, she found western medicine unnecessarily invasive and blind to the individual subtleties that might differentiate treatment. These experiences caused Dr. Ahn to embrace a more holistic approach to health which emphasizes the healing power of the individual and targets the underlying cause of the ailment.

After graduating from Southern California University School of Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture with a license in acupuncture, Dr. Ahn earned a Ph.D. at Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shen Yang, China.  She continued to deepen her understanding of both western and eastern medicine by earning an Integrated Medicine Certificate from the Internal Medicine Board.  In addition, she trained with renowned masters of classical acupuncture theory and herbology.  Dr. Ahn has also served as an Academic Dean and currently has a private practice.

Dr. Ahn believes that traditional oriental medicine can effectively address many contemporary health concerns ranging from the emotional to the cardiovascular. In addition to its benefits as a preventive health measure and pain regulator, oriental medicine can also alleviate and regulate conditions such as insomnia, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, women’s health issues and attention/behavioral disorders. In particular, Dr. Ahn believes that oriental medicine offers an alternative and holistic approach to many chronic and intractable illnesses, including cancer and autoimmune diseases.

From both personal and professional experiences, Dr. Ahn can attest to the power of this ancient healing method and is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of her patients through her knowledge of both western and eastern medicine.

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