I had a problem in my left shoulder for a long time.  Because of the pain I was not able to lean on the shoulder or turn over while sleeping.  This only added to my insomnia. My doctor recommended acupuncture treatment but I was very hesitant to try a new method of treatment.  It is partly because I am an employee of Kaiser.

But during my first visit to Dr. Ahn, she explained very clearly the oriental medicine approach and her treatment plan. During the treatment I was able to feel comfortable and hardly noticed the needles.  Amazingly, after the first visit I was able to turn over and sleep on my left.   As the sessions continued, I was able to sleep well with the help of the herb she prescribed.  My hot flashes were also calmed down.  My visit to her clinic was a pleasant experience and I feel fortunate to know about oriental medicine.

                                                                               Eileen Thompson,  Los Angeles



I met Dr. Ahn just before I made a trip to Peru.

I’m a walker, but the pain in my foot had been bothering me for some time.  I went to visit a couple of podiatrists, however the symptoms were still there and I didn’t agree with their recommendation to have surgery. Knowing I was concerned about my foot before taking such a demanding trip, one of my employees recommended I see Dr. Ahn.

In the first visit she found that my right ankle was very tense and thinner than the left.  She concluded that the scar was from a tennis accident ten years ago that hadn’t completely healed and that I had been unconsciously giving pressure to the opposite foot in order to lessen the pain and balance while I was walking. She not only treated the uncomfortable pain with acupuncture and heat therapy, but also suggested the way to ease the tension on my ankle while walking.  She informed me that unless I corrected the way I put pressure to my foot, the pain would be a recurring problem.  I followed her instructions and was able to finish the trip without any problem.  Before my following trip to New York where I knew I would be walking a lot, I visited her again to get a treatment and recheck my foot. 

I appreciated her non-invasive remedy for my problem and her guidance to correct my walking so that I could avoid surgery.                                        

                                                                              Mike Edelmann,  Beverly Hill



I had an accident at my workplace.   My colleague happened to dropped a heavy box on my hand and hurt my carpal tunnel.  I had to get surgery, however my wrist was not same as before with the residual pain.  It limited my activities in daily life and forced me retire from my job.  My doctor and I agreed that acupuncture can be a help for my residual pain.

From the moment I met Dr. Ahn, I was impressed with her kind nature and by her knowledge about both eastern and western medicine.  She made me very relaxed and treated me with such sincerity in every session.                     

                                                                               Lisa Polendo,   Santa Monica


Dr. Deokhee Ahn has been treating me for a digestive problem I have had for years.

A friend of mine researched on line for an acupunturist in my area. She found Dr. Ahn’s website and I am so happy she did. Her website says it all. Dr. Ahn truly cares for her patients. She patiently listens, then proceeds to explain her treatment plan. I have been to other acupuncture clinics, but Dr. Ahn’s caring far surpasses the others.

Dr. Ahn has a beautiful heart and is truly an Angel.


Sierra Madre,California

I had been looking for a way to treat my irregular menstration and cramping and some  friends suggested that I try acupuncture.  Dr. Ahn’s clinic was conveniently located near my home so I decided to give it a try.  She was very knowledgeable and explained how Easteren medicine understood my symptoms before beginning treatment.  The clinic was very clean and professional and Dr. Ahn treated me to heated pads during the acupuncture  treatment itself which helped deepen relaxation I experienced. I can’t recommend Dr. Ahn highly enough.  She is an honest and compassionate doctor and now I visit her before I go see my GP.

Maya 10, Pasadena

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